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Arturia's - 6x3 Fx Collections 2020.8 VST

Arturia - 6x3 FX Collection 2020.8 VST / VST3 / AAX x64 [08.2020]

These effects are used in the studio for music Production, Mixing and mastering the track.

The style, mood, meaning, and impact of music can totally be transformed using this pack.

You can download this Pack just for free from freshplugin4u.com

This pack includes:-

  1. Arturia Comp VCA-65

  2. Arturia Comp TUBE-STA

  3. Arturia Comp FET-76

  4. Arturia Delay TAPE-201

  5. Arturia Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE

  6. Arturia Delay ETERNITY

  7. Arturia Rev PLATE-140

  8. Arturia Rev INTENSITY

  9. Arturia Rev SPRING-636

  10. Arturia Pre 1973

  11. Arturia Pre TridA

  12. Arturia Pre V76

  13. Arturia Filter MINI

  14. Arturia Filter M12

  15. Arturia Filter SEM


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