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640 Studio Cinematic Sound Pack

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

640 Studio Cinematic Sound Pack
640 Studio Cinematic Sound Pack

Cinematic Sound Pack

Hey today we are going to show you guys the cinematic

sound pack that you can download from our website for free i.e free download , it is insane everything you hear in this promo was made from our sound packed you can see all the waveforms here at the bottom

we have all these sounds cinematic

sounds action-packed sounds atmospheres

sound design all kinds of that stuff at

your fingertips over 100 plus sounds so

this is the promo that we use we

actually use those sounds

So yeah it is insane so I just wanted to

kind of take you guys through and show

you what you get when you download the

pack so here's the pack here cinematic

sound pack version 3 once again we're

gonna be adding a ton more sounds to

this so it's not just these sounds

you'll be getting free updates once you

download for free every time we update the pack

So here's what it looks like when you

open it you're gonna go in you're gonna

have action you're gonna have these

sounds go to cinematic there's a ton of

cinematic sounds you have like epic hits

you got like drones you got like alien

feedback kind of things you got this

like vintage kind of like what do you

call that.

Stranger things yeah another thing is that

these are all matching BPM so you can

mix and match any of these sounds

together and they will match and go with

each other so you can put let's say for

example like we had here at the end you

can see that we have the base then we

have the choir that comes in and we have

the strings then we have the brass right

so those are all part of the you know

Orchestra textures that we added in here

so if you put those all together they're

gonna work because they're in the same

key and they're at the same BPM so as

insane so that's the pack that's what we

got going on thank you guys so much for

Downloading from our website i.e Freshplugin4u.com

Over 100+ sounds to choose from.

You can use it in any of the Daw like Fl studio, Ableton, and many more.


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